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Lasting state/industry partnership key to keeping state waters safe from oil spills
Strong partnerships between the state and industry is what prevents oil spills.
Curtailments come to Chehalis River basin
We've notified 93 junior water right holders in the Chehalis River basin that their access to surface water for irrigation is curtailed until streamflows improve
Cleaning up: New model remedies for contaminated historic orchard lands
Our year-long efforts with stakeholders resulted in the draft Model Remedies for Cleanup of Former Orchard Properties.
Fecal Matters: No-contact advisories lifted for Pomeroy Park and Illahee State Park, Kitsap County
No-contact advisories lifted at Pomeroy Park and Illahee State Park, Kitsap County
Poop and beaches don’t mix
Beach season has begun and we're out sampling to ensure your safety.
Fecal Matters: A no-contact advisory issued for Pomeroy Park and Illahee State Park, Kitsap County
Kitsap Public Health District issued a no-contact advisory at Pomeroy Park and Illahee State Park due to elevated bacteria levels during routine sampling.
Cleaning up: An outdoor cleanup plan inside a river bend
We're taking comments on a cleanup plan for exterior walls and adjacent soil at the former Anacortes water treatment plant at Mount Vernon.
New maps identify potential contamination on former orchard lands
Ecology created new maps from old aerial images that help identify where potentially-contaminated former orchard lands are located.
Resilience and the purple sea urchin
Purple urchins aren't just faceless purple pincushions — they may have a thing or two to teach us about resilience in the face of challenges.
Safer streets and cleaner water in Walla Walla
The City of Walla Walla's award winning transportation project is good for the community and for salmon.

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