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Fecal Matters: Richey Viewpoint is open for water recreation, King County
Richey Viewpoint beach is open for water recreation, King County.
Fecal Matters: No-contact advisory issued for Richey Viewpoint, King County
Public Health Seattle & King County issued an advisory at Richey Viewpoint beach in King County.
Partnerships fuel removal of toxic tires from Washington’s waters
Removing waste tires from Washington's waters is a complex, long-term issue. But we can start tackling parts of the problem now. Learn about two of our grant recipients working on tire removal.
New rulemaking will update protections for aquatic life from toxic chemicals
Based on EPA recommendations and feedback, we started the process to update our aquatic life criteria to reflect new information about toxic chemicals.
Meow we’re talking…about the catworms
June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month. But what about the benthic version of our purrrfect pals? Let me tell you a tail of the catworms...
Cleaning up for affordable housing on Bellingham Bay
Once contaminated by decades of use as storage for a paper mill byproduct called lignin, four acres of downtown Bellingham will soon be cleaned up and redeveloped into affordable housing.
June 16 Public Meetings on Low-Carbon Energy Siting Study
We're hosting public meetings on June 16 to discuss how we provide environmental review on the siting of "green," low-carbon energy projects.
Reuniones públicas sobre el estudio de mejora del emplazamiento para proyectos de energía con bajas emisiones de carbono
El Low-Carbon Energy Siting Study analiza la forma de mejorar la revisión medioambientalal determinar dónde y cómo se pueden llevar a cabo los proyectos de energía verde.
Proper fish waste disposal matters for marinas
When cleaning your catch, be mindful where you spill your guts. It’s easy to toss fish waste into the nearest body of water, but this small action can have a large negative impact on marinas.
Let’s get #SmokeReadyTogether June 13-17
Get #SmokeReadyTogether this year and help prevent wildfires with these tips.

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