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Despite challenges, recycling is still the right thing to do – for the environment and the economy

As the nation prepares to celebrate America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, remember the environmental and economic value that recycling brings, and see available online resources.

This creeping pedal sea cucumber might just give you the creeps!
Move over, bats and spiders! With its blood-red tentacles and scaly body, the creeping pedal sea cucumber might just be the next creature to haunt your Halloween nightmares.
Cleaning up: An affordable housing milestone
A pair of street corners in Southeast Seattle may not look like much right now, but they're already a first-of-its-kind cleanup site for Ecology.
Partnering on safe well water in the Lower Yakima Valley
Recently, an independent advocacy group shared with us a study identifying several chemicals in groundwater that caught our attention.
Slime on river rocks is a forensics tool for environmental scientists
While most of us may not appreciate the slime that grows on river rocks, Dr. William Hobbs and his colleagues have found slime useful for investigating the sources of toxic chemicals in the water.
Federal grants go toward repairing two Washington dams
Our Dam Safety Office regulates 1,055 dams. Many of those are doing just fine, but 409 pose a potential risk to people living and working below. We received funding to assist with two dam repairs.
Zero Emission Vehicles: Driving towards the future

Washington state reached its 2020 goal of having 50,000 zero-emission electric vehicles on the road in September 2019.

Cleanup: The slow slide into Swift Creek

The Sumas Mountain landslide is a slow slide that has clogged and flooded Swift Creek for decades. A few years ago it was found to contain naturally-occurring asbestos and metals.

Update to general permit that helps remove noxious weeds

Removing Zostera japonica, a noxious weed, from Willapa Bay Commercial Clam Beds.

Boots on the ground: Serving in Shenandoah, Iowa

A WCC AmeriCorps member reflects on her recent experience on a disaster response deployment to Iowa.

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