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These worms are boring! ... into oyster shells, that is
Shell-boring worms make their homes in mollusc shells. These parasites are sometimes called mud blister worms, because the burrows that they create inside the shells fill with mud and detritus.
Help us improve aquatic habitat in the Chehalis River basin
Webinars will guide participants who want to sponsor aquatic habitat restoration projects in the Chehalis River basin.
There's a new sign for a healthier Puget Sound
Free signs are available to help protect Puget Sound.
2020-21: The water year of surprises
The 2020-21 water year started out wet with a good snowpack and is ending extremely dry with drought conditions, breaking records for dryness over the past 127 years.
Nutrient pollution modeling shows different futures for Puget Sound
This week, we shared our latest Salish Sea modeling results, which are moving us another step forward on regional efforts to reduce nutrients.
Cleaning up: Agreement maps cleanup process at former Seattle Times site
We're inviting comment on a legal agreement with the owners of the former Seattle Times site to begin the formal cleanup process.
Learn about nuclear history in the fourth Let's Talk About Hanford
Our fourth Let's Talk About Hanford discussion will explore Hanford from the end of World War II to the end of the Cold War.
Food waste reduction plan holds economic, social, and environmental benefits
The draft Use Food Well Washington Plan is a roadmap to reaching the state’s goals of cutting food waste in half by 2030. The draft plan is now available to the public for review and comment.
Up To $40 million available for streamflow restoration projects
We plan to award $40 million in grants for streamflow restoration projects
Towards a goal of zero spills
Ongoing improvements have built on a record of zero spills from cargo vessels in Puget Sound Ports. This approach helped lead marine safety improvements across the shipping spectrum.

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