Permit Register

The federal Clean Air Act requires large sources and some small sources of air pollution to get an air operating permit. An air operating permit is a master document that lists all of the air pollution requirements that apply to a business or industry. Those requirements include emission standards, monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting.

Air Operating Permit Register

We publish a statewide Air Operating Permit Register that lists milestone actions for air operating permits from agencies that issue air operating permits. The Permit Register is updated twice a month, usually on the 10th and 25th.

Milestones include:

  • Air operating permit actions, such as:
    • draft or final permit
    • permit changes
    • public hearings or public meetings
  • Air operating permit program changes, such as:
    • draft workload analysis
    • draft budget
    • fee schedule

Recent editions of the Permit Register

Read current and past editions of the Permit Register. For more information about a specific action published in the Permit Register, contact the agency that listed the permit action.