Burning & industrial air permits

Large facilities (like rock crushers and asphalt plants), agricultural operations, and individuals that cause air pollution from burning or industrial processes must apply for an air permit. We help companies and farmers understand when an air permit is needed, how to apply for a permit, and the review process.

What type of permit is required?

We issue a variety of air permits for industrial processes, agricultural field burning, and other outdoor burning that cause air pollution. These air permits protect people's health and the environment by requiring businesses to meet federal and state air quality rules. See the types of air permits required in Washington and find out how to apply.

What to do every year after you get an industrial air pollution permit

Most companies that are issued an industrial air pollution permit must join the registration program. Companies in the registration program pay a yearly fee for the amount of air pollution listed in their permit. Agriculture and residential burn permits aren't part of this program.