Proficiency testing requirements

Proficiency testing sample providers must comply with the most current proficiency standards to be recognized by our laboratory accreditation program. Six providers of Proficiency Testing (PT) samples meet the requirements.

Approved proficiency sample providers

These companies meet requirements to provide proficiency-testing samples for labs. Please contact the Lab Accreditation Unit to ask if we will accept PT sample results from providers not listed.

Absolute Standards, Inc.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, LLC


NSI Solutions, Inc.

Phenova (formerly Wibby)
A Phenomenex Company


Requirements for proficiency testing providers

We strive to make the lab-accreditation review process efficient, accurate, and timely. To do so, we require that proficiency testing providers send us the electronic data-deliverable files, as well as the PDF file for each proficiency testing study report.

In order to be recognized by the Lab Accreditation Unit, proficiency-testing providers must:
  • Comply with the most current TNI Proficiency Testing standard.
  • Assure electronic data deliverable (EDD) and PDF files are submitted electronically to us within one month after the close of a proficiency testing study.
  • Comply with Washington state's EDD formatting requirements based on the criteria and file structures commonly used for comma delimited text files:
    • data.txt
    • summary.txt
    • final.txt