State-approved contingency plan holders

We review and approve oil spill contingency plans for:

  • Large oil-handling facilities that transfer oil over waters of the state.
  • Hazardous liquids pipelines (oil pipelines).
  • Tank vessels regardless of gross tonnage.
  • Fishing and cargo vessels of 300 gross tons or more and involved in commerce.
  • Passenger vessels of 300 gross tons or more with a fuel capacity of 6,000 gallons or more.
  • Railroads transporting oil of any kind as bulk cargo.


Company plan holder Expiration date Staff contact
TLP Management Services LLC 02/22/2028 Max Gordon
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal — Harbor Island 10/06/2026 Darcy Bird
Maxum Enterprises, LLC 03/30/2026 Nora Haider
Navy Region Northwest 10/19/2027 Sabrina Floudaras
NuStar Energy, LP (Distribution Terminal) 06/13/2026 Wendy Buffett
Alon Asphalt Company 06/26/2025 Sabrina Floudaras
Phillips 66 Integrated Contingency Plan Washington State Annex 09/14/2028 Scott Zimmerman
REG Grays Harbor Integrated Contingency Plan 07/29/2025 Nora Haider
Shell Pipeline Company — Seattle Terminal 09/18/2025 Darcy Bird
Tesoro Port Angeles / Vancouver Terminals 03/01/2025 Kaitlin Lebon


Company plan holder Expiration date Staff contact
BP Pipelines - NW Pipelines District 06/09/2026 Scott Zimmerman
Trans Mountain Pipeline (Puget Sound) LLC 12/13/2028 Scott Zimmerman
Phillips 66 - Yellowstone Pipeline 09/14/2028 Scott Zimmerman
Andeavor Logistics Northwest Products Systems
(formerly “Tesoro Logistics NW Pipeline”)
02/23/2025 Scott Zimmerman


Company plan holder Expiration date Staff contact
BNSF Railway Company 03/01/2028 Max Gordon
Columbia Basin Railroad Company 10/19/2028 Kaitlin Lebon
Central Washington Railroad Company 02/07/2028 Kaitlin Lebon
Great Northwest Railroad 04/27/2028 Max Gordon
Portland Vancouver Junction 05/01/2028 Darcy Bird
Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad 09/26/2028 Kaitlin Lebon
Tacoma Rail 11/05/2028 Sabrina Floudaras
Union Pacific Railroad 01/19/2029 Darcy Bird


Company plan holder Expiration date Staff contact
Andeavor Anacortes Refinery 12/06/2028 Kaitlin Lebon
BP Cherry Point Refinery 06/23/2025 Max Gordon
Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery 06/26/2025 Sabrina Floudaras
HF Sinclair Puget Sound Refinery LLC 01/30/2028 Darcy Bird


Company plan holder Expiration date Staff contact
Centerline Logistics 06/18/2026 Wendy Buffett

Umbrella vessel plans

Company plan holder Expiration date Staff contact
Maritime Fire and Safety Association 11/19/2026 Max Gordon
Washington State Maritime Cooperative 07/19/2025 Nora Haider
National Response Corporation 02/22/2028 Kaitlin Lebon

Integrated plans

Company plan holder Type of plans Expiration date Staff contact
U.S. Oil & Refining Co. (Contingency Plan combined with McChord Pipeline Co.) Facility, pipeline 10/04/2026 Nora Haider
SeaPort Sound Terminal/Pipeline (Contingency Plan combined with facility plan) Facility, pipeline 04/23/2026 Wendy Buffett
Tidewater Transportation and Terminals Facility, pipeline, vessel 10/31/2024 Wendy Buffett

* Indicates conditional approval. Plans are given conditional approval status for 18 months or less. During this time, the plan holder must address the conditions and gain final plan approval.

How to submit a contingency plan

Please submit plans to:
Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program
ATTN: Plan Development and Review Unit
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600

Contingency plan rules