Solid waste & recycling data

We collect data from a variety of facilities and sources to better understand solid waste and recycling systems in Washington. We also conduct periodic waste disposal and recycling studies.

This information is useful to both state and local governments as they work to improve the performance and efficiency of solid waste and recycling systems.


Waste in Washington

See the Waste in Washington story mapwhich includes data on the state's waste and recovery streams, strategies for reducing waste, litter prevention and collection, waste tire removal, and more.

Waste generation and recovery data (2021) .xlsx

This dataset tracks annual waste generated, waste collected for recycling, and other types of recovery for about 50 materials in Washington. The data is broken down into per capita figures and commercial and residential sectors, and it includes charts depicting these trends. You can find more background and information in the “Info-Notes" tab of this spreadsheet.

Recovered material, collection, and sector data (2018) .xlsx

​This dataset tracks recovered materials in Washington by collection type and sector for all recyclables and organic materials collected.

Solid waste disposal data by county (1994-2021) .xlsx

Solid waste disposal data by facility (2021) .xlsx