Budd Inlet cleanup sites

​​We are managing cleanup of sites in the Budd Inlet area as part of work to clean up Puget Sound. All are on or very near the Olympia waterfront.

  • West Bay Park has been developed on part of a contaminated site. There are now useable beach and walking trails at the site.
  • Cleanup has created opportunities for development of the Hands on Children’s Museum and East Bay Public Plaza.
  • Percival play area and park were developed on a contaminated site that has since been cleaned up. Now there is parking, a boardwalk, and a children’s play area.

Cleanup sites and progress

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​​Two sites are completed, but need us to monitor them to make sure they meet cleanup goals. The other sites are in various stages in the cleanup process. We oversee cleanup work done by the City of Olympia, the Port of Olympia, and several other liable parties on these sites.

​Most likely, the contamination came from historical industrial practices that preceded modern environmental laws. Previously, there were several industries located on shore, such as a wood treatment facility, plywood manufacturing, and bulk fuel storage.

Why is Budd Inlet a priority?

The Puget Sound Initiative launched a significant effort in 2007 to restore and protect Puget Sound. This directive included seed money to speed cleanup of seven priority bays by 2020. Budd Inlet was chosen because of the important habitat function in the southern-most area of Puget Sound.