Stay fresh!

It stinks to open a drawer of rotting produce. It’s tough to open the cabinet to find stale bread. And how did that avocado go from hard as a rock to mushy overnight?

The shelf life of your food can depend on where and how you store it. Here’s what you need to keep your food fresh.  

bananas bowl

Keep your bananas fresh

  • Wrap stems in plastic wrap.
  • Buy green bananas.
  • Place ripe bananas in the fridge.
  • Freeze your bananas.
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Ice crystal representing cold temperatures carton of milk

Milk it – tips for long-lasting milk

  • Store milk at the back of a shelf in the lower portion of your fridge.
  • Freeze fresh milk if you aren’t using it right away.
  • Buy ultra-pasteurized options, if you can.
Sliced avocados in a glass jar. Storage container with half an avocado and an onion.

Avoca-dos and don’ts

  • Don’t put a whole avocado in the fridge until it’s ripe – leave it on the counter to ripen first.
  • Refrigerate halved avocados in an airtight container with a slice of onion.
  • Leave the skin on.
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Spiral notebook with drawings of fresh food on the cover.

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