Businesses make a difference!

Studies show that reducing food waste can pay your business back at an average rate of 7 to 1.
Using food more efficiently helps everyone.

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PCC's journey to sustainability

PCC is a leader in setting new sustainability standards.
Learn about their upcycling innovations.

Steps you can take to reduce your business's food waste

Buy more locally grown food

Think about what you buy, and who you buy it from.

Plan based on customer demand

Forecast and manage inventory.

Explore dynamic pricing models

Use pricing and markdown strategies to reduce food waste.

Embrace new distribution techniques

Use technology to monitor shelf life.

More solutions

Design low-waste menus

Consider offerings that use up the entire product.

Track waste

Use data and new processes to stay informed.

Sell end-of-day product

Dynamic pricing options can help move goods.

Establish relationships

Get in touch with donation organizations.

More ways to help

Offer flexible portions

Discourage plate waste by reducing portion sizes.

Track waste

Monitor usage and use that data to plan menus.

Help at school

Give students flexibility and consider “share tables.”

Refine contracts

Update agreements to reduce waste.

More ideas

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