Facility project resources

These are resources for facility type projects funded by our Water Quality Program funding opportunities.

Water Quality Program funding agreement documents for new loan recipients

The following must be submitted to our financial manager before the loan is signed:

Completion of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) environmental review process

  • Recipients of "Step 3 Construction" loan funding must complete their State Environmental Review Process (SERP) before a funding agreement can be signed
  • For all projects, their SERP must be timely, updated, and completed before any ground disturbance happens

Davis Bacon wages

All SRF-funded facility projects must pay and document Davis Bacon wages.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

This requirement applies to all construction loans.

The following forms are provided by the recipient and filled out by the low-bid contractor:

American Iron and Steel (AIS)

This requirement applies to projects for the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of a public water system or treatment works. Recipients must use iron and steel products that are produced in the United States.

For additional guidance and training materials, visit EPA's website.

AIS documentation should include:

  1. Name of the manufacturer
  2. What product(s) they are certifying
  3. What manufacturing processes they were responsible for
  4. Location of the manufacturing facility, and
  5. A signature of a manufacturer's responsible party

For questions, contact Shelly McMurry at 360-999-1649.

Fiscal Sustainability Plans (FSP)

The FSP requirement applies to all wastewater or stormwater facility construction or design/construction projects funded in part or in full with CWSRF loans. The FSP must cover the entire system for which funding is provided.  By "entire system," we mean the following:

  • If funding is only for a collection system, then the FSP must cover the entire collection system
  • If the funding is only for a treatment system, then the FSP must cover the entire treatment system
  • If funding is for both a collection system and a treatment system, then the FSP must cover the entire collection system and the entire treatment system

The minimum required elements of a FSP are:

  1. An inventory of critical assets that are part of the system
  2. An evaluation of the condition and performance of the critical assets
  3. A plan to maintain, repair, and replace the critical assets and to fund those activities
  4. A process to evaluate and implement water and energy conservation efforts as part of the plan

Cost and Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)

The CEA applies to all projects receiving CWSRF funding. Completing this requirement can be a deliverable for planning projects.

The minimum requirements of a CEA are:

  • A study and evaluation of the cost and effectiveness of the processes, materials, techniques, and technologies for carrying out the proposed project activity
  • The selection, to the maximum extent practical, of a project or activity that maximizes the potential for efficient water use, reuse, recapture, conservation, and energy conservation. Taking into account:
    • The cost of constructing the project or activity
    • The cost of operating and maintaining the project or activity over the life of it
    • The cost of replacing the project or activity

Investment Grade Efficiency Audit (IGEA)

This requirement applies to all state funded infrastructure projects that involve repair, replacement, or improvement of a wastewater treatment plant or other public works facility and an investment-grade efficiency audit is obtainable.


All projects receiving CWSRF funding must adhere to the signage requirements and provide credit to both EPA and Ecology for providing funding.

Options include:

  • Standard signage (appropriately sized and weather resistant)
  • Posters and wall signage in a public building or location
  • Newspaper or periodical advertisement for project construction, groundbreaking ceremony, or operation of the new or improved facility
  • Online signage placed on community website or social media outlet
  • Press release

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