Group systems and shared wells

Small water districts icon with an image of the Nooksack river in the background
Group water systems need to participate in the adjudication by filing court claims. These water systems include cities, special purpose districts, and private systems such as neighborhoods using a community well. This includes Group A water systems (15 connections or higher) as well as water systems or shared wells classified as Group B systems (less than 15 connections).

Adjudication process

Ecology will send notice by certified mail to the representative on record for Group A or Group B water systems. In most cases, an authorized representative of the water system should complete the claim form on behalf of the group. This process might depend on the group’s by laws or contractual agreements. Where a small number of homes share a water source, it may be possible for all members to join together without a representative and all sign the form as co-claimants.

Groups that have documented water right(s) will need to list those rights on their court claim form(s). Smaller groups on wells may be operating under the permit exemption. Each water right document, and each permit exemption, should be claimed using separate forms. Where a few single homes share a well, each home may be able to file a separately. More information will be available in the filing instructions.

Like all court claims in adjudication, Ecology will review the claim forms and historic legal water use and the court will make a final decision. Group systems will then be entitled to adjudicated certificate for their legal water use.