Homes with permit-exempt wells

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Approximately 15% of Washington residents rely on a permit-exempt well for their domestic water source. There are likely more than 10,000 permit-exempt wells in WRIA 1. 

As the name implies, these wells have not historically required a water right permit from the state. According to state law (RCW 90.44.050) the permit-exempt wells must meet the following conditions:

  • Domestic use, established before 2020, of up to 5,000 gallons per day with outdoor watering of lawn or garden up to half of an acre (21,780 square feet).
  • Domestic use, established after 2020, of up to 500 gallons per day indoors with outdoor watering of lawn or garden up to 1/12 an acre (3,630 square feet).
  • Industrial use, including commercial irrigation, up to 5,000 gallons per day.
  • Water for livestock with no daily limitation.

Only groundwater use can be permit-exempt, not surface water. As with other water users, people who use permit-exempt wells must follow the state and local rules for water use and ensure that their water use does not affect other water users.

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