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This site will serve as an information hub for Nooksack realtors throughout the adjudication process. Stay tuned - information will be posted here as updates become available.

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For media inquiries please email Water Resources Communications Manager, Scarlet Tang, at or contact her directly at (c) 206-920-2600. 

Water Resources Adjudication manager Robin McPherson explains the Nooksack water right adjudication to a group of Whatcom County realtors.

When it comes to water rights, buyers of homes and farmland can find out whether the current use appears to be legal under a permit-exemption or water right document. If the current use does not appear to be legally supported, it may not be able to continue in the future. Even where current use is legal, currently legal does not mean guaranteed forever – especially in times of drought or other water shortage. 

We recommend that buyers carefully review available permit exemptions Focus on: The Groundwater Permit Exemption and Nooksack Watershed Water Availability to see whether water is available for a new use on that land. New residential development is generally allowed on individual wells up to 500 gpd indoors and with a 1/12-acre outdoor watering restriction. 

After the court claim process begins later this year, buyers can find out whether a court claim has yet been filed on the property in question. If no claim has yet been filed, they may be able to work with the seller to assure that a court claim will be filed, or that the buyer has necessary information to file a court claim themselves after purchase. 

Real estate professionals should be mindful of all applicable legal and professional requirements when advising property buyers.  

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