Ecology issues the first Washington cap-and-invest offset credits

We’re starting off the year with big news for Washington’s carbon offset program! Read about how the offset program works and the different types of offset projects.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were banned 45 years ago. Why are they still a problem?

Our recent actions to reduce PCB pollution from products.

Ecology Food Center reduces waste and connects people to healthy food

The Center for Sustainable Food Management launched on January 1st and is planning an action packed 2024, including Washington's first statewide food waste prevention campaign.

New opportunities to improve Washington’s water cleanup program

Update about a settlement that Ecology and EPA are in to review and improve the TMDL program. 

Share your thoughts and comments on Hanford Site public involvement!

The public is invited to share their thoughts and recommendations on Hanford Site cleanup communications and public involvement from the last year.

Boots on the ground: Kicking off a new WCC service term

Our incoming Washington Conservation Corps field crews have hit the ground runnings with environmental projects across Washington's trails, green spaces, and waterways.

Clean water funding supports upgrades at Pasco facility

Ecology is supporting The City of Pasco’s Process Water Reuse Facility, with our clean water grants and loans program to help upgrade and expand the facility.

What happens in a landfill, doesn't stay in a landfill

Washington has a powerful tool to combat climate change with a new rule requiring stricter requirements for controlling methane emissions from decomposing organic matter in landfills.

Safer Products for Washington, PFAS, and You!

The Safer Products for Washington program is designed to reduce human & environmental harm by restricting certain toxic chemicals when safer alternatives are available.

Hold That Smoke: Why We Call Burn Bans

Residential burning is the main source of fine particle air pollution in Washington in winter. Ecology calls burn bans to help protect air quality and the public's health. 

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