Proposed Port Angeles pilot project seeks to test technology to pull harmful carbon dioxide out of the air 

A pilot project proposed in Port Angeles is designed to test a new approach to removing carbon pollution.

High-quality insects

You can tell a lot about a stream by looking at its bugs. When you see a variety of them living in the muck of a streambed, that’s a strong indicator that a stream is healthy.

Award-winning Eastern Washington program supports farms and clean water

Ecology-funded program that supports farmers and clean water earns national award  

Linkage update: Laying the groundwork for connecting carbon markets

We’re laying the groundwork for a linkage agreement with California and Québec through rulemaking. Learn about our recent progress.

Washington Water Supply Update

An atmospheric river in early June raised the hopes of relief to dry conditions across the state. Unfortunately, it didn't make much of a difference.

Cleaning up: Sampling and dredging in I & J Waterway begins this summer

Dredging and sampling work begin this month in Bellingham's I & J Waterway

Updated stormwater permits support green infrastructure, clean water

The state’s most populated cities and counties now have updated municipal stormwater permits in place.

North Cove turns the tide

North Cove beach is one of the nation's best restored beaches. 

How to plan for water use at your Yakima Basin cabin

With a hot, dry season ahead – and likely more in the coming years – make sure you know if you can legally use water at your camp or cabin in the Yakima Basin, and that your use is mitigated.

Proposed settlement reached to restore habitats in Port Gamble Bay

The proposed settlement, now available for public comment, would require building two habitat restoration projects worth nearly $10 million.

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