Grounded at Ocean Shores: Ecology’s response to the Tamara

Details on the grounding and recovery of the fishing vessel Tamara. 

Bellingham community comes together to celebrate environmental cleanup
This summer, the Bellingham community is getting a little bit closer to having a revitalized waterfront.
Millions of jellyfish take the center stage for this month's Eyes Over Puget Sound

During Aug. 2015's Eyes Over Puget Sound monitoring flight, we saw massive blooms of jellyfish stretching hundreds of feet long.

How bad is the drought?
All but a smidgen of Washington state is in a "severe" drought and more than 31 percent of our state is in an "extreme" drought.
Puget Sound waters left sweltering after double punch from the drought and the Blob

Puget Sound waters were hit with a double-whammy. Late last year, "the Blob" was followed by an extremely warm winter, and the usual snowpack didn’t form in the mountains.

Washington’s future is parched
Warmer conditions in Washington mean increased risk of drought, no surprise there. What might be surprising is how much our changing climate has already impacted water supplies in Washington.
Around the Sound: A great day at the bay!
The Port Gamble Klallam Tribe held an amazing blessing ceremony today for a coming, major cleanup of in-water sediments in the bay.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: More squishies, less crunchies

Abundant sun and unusually warm water temperatures fueled phytoplankton and zooplankton blooms in many areas during June 2015's marine flight.

Drought Watch: Saving crops in Skagit County
Skagit Valley farmers who produce much of our nation's vegetable seed supply got a needed shot in the arm thanks to their local public utility district.
Snowpack at zero percent of normal; record lows for stream flows
Statewide, the average snowpack is zero percent of normal. That's right, you read that correctly, zero.

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