Technical assistance for businesses from Ecology's experts

We're dedicated to helping all types and sizes of businesses reduce dangerous waste and find safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals. Our specialists work with your business to:

  • Reuse or recycle materials.
  • Manage inventory to reduce waste.
  • Find safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
  • Change production processes or equipment to reduce waste.
  • Redesign products to use safer source materials.

Safely manage and prevent hazardous wastes

Our engineers, chemists, and other specialists work with you as consultants and do not issue enforcement citations or penalties. Our assistance is non-regulatory, confidential, and free.

Increase efficiency at your manufacturing or industrial plant

Efficiency is essential to every successful manufacturing or industrial process. If you’re short on staff time to identify and address issues that impact efficiency, your company could be wasting money and resources or facing unnecessary regulatory overhead.

Ecology's technical assistance team of engineers and scientists use current state assessments and engineering analysis to improve the efficiency of your operations without sacrificing the quality of your products. The team focuses on small and medium sized plants.

Assistance and resources for small businesses

Even using small amounts of toxic chemicals at your business can have a significant impact on employee health and the environment. Ecology and local government partners can help your small business control, reduce, or eliminate toxic pollution sources.

Pollution Prevention Assistance program

The Pollution Prevention Assistance program helps business owners in the Puget Sound region and in Spokane and Clark counties do their part to protect employee health and prevent polluted runoff from damaging local waterways. Pollution Prevention Specialists offer free, hands-on assistance to help small businesses find and resolve pollution issues.

What can you expect when you work with us?

When you invite our chemists, engineers, and other specialists to your facility, our services are:

  • Non-regulatory
    Our team members have no enforcement authority when visiting your facility and working with you. If we see problems, we'll work with you to find solutions. Our advice and other assistance is optional — you choose which solutions to implement.
  • Free
    There's no charge for our specialists to visit your facility and offer consultation. Occasionally, we partner with universities, nonprofits, and other organizations to offer subsidized training and other low-cost opportunities.