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Air Quality permits

We issue a variety of permits for industrial air pollutants and burning to ensure air pollution does not reach unhealthy levels. We help companies meet the requirements when an air permit is needed.
Industrial area in the Port of Seattle. Cranes and port equipment with Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains in background.

Types of permits needed

A permit is required for individuals and businesses that emit air pollution through industrial processes or burning. A permit protects public health and the environment by requiring businesses and commercial activities to comply with federal and state air rules.

We help companies understand when an air permit is needed, how to apply for a permit, the review process, and more.

A brief description of our air pollution permits is below. For details about  all of Washington's permit types, visit the Governor's Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance

Air Operating permit Burn permits General Orders permit Notice of Construction (NOC) permit Prevention of Significant Deterioration permit