The benefits of redeveloping brownfields

When communities clean up and redevelop brownfields properties, they can:

  • Stimulate a community's economy, create more jobs, and increase local tax base. 
  • Provide healthy sites for community priorities such as affordable housing.
  • Turn their community's perceived problem into an asset and improve their image. 
  • Enable efficient land use and minimize the construction of new service infrastructure.
  • Facilitate the resolution of environmental justice issues.
  • Protect human and environmental health, and mitigate public health and safety concerns. 
  • Provide opportunities for habitat restoration, parks, or other public spaces.

Success story: Removing blight from Palouse's main street

The Palouse Producers site had been abandoned for years. Mayor Michael Echanove explains how the town turned the site around through positive local leadership, a supportive community, and help from Ecology and other organizations.