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Washington's toxics in products laws

Washington state is a leader in reducing and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products. We oversee and implement many of these laws.

Washington consumer safety laws that reduce toxic exposure

Statement regarding Jan. 1, 2018 implementation of copper boat paint ban
  • Lead wheel weights
    • Bans the use of lead wheel weights during tire installation.
  • BPA (bisphenol A)
    • Bans BPA in children’s bottles and other drinking products.
    • Bans BPA in sports bottles.
  • Coal tar sealant
    • Bans sale of coal tar sealants.
  • DecaBDE (flame retardant)
    • Bans the use of Deca-BDE in:
      • Mattresses
      • Residential furniture
      • Electronics
  • Mercury Education and Reduction Act
    • Bans mercury in thermometers, instruments, toys, and automotive switches.
  • Mercury lights
    • Prohibits improper disposal of fluorescent tubes, CFLs, and other mercury-containing lights.
    • Establishes the LightRecycle Washington program to collect and recycle fluorescent lights.