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Shoreline natural hazards management

Washington’s 28,000 miles of marine coastline and freshwater stream, lake, and river shorelines provide the basis for thriving economic and social life in communities around the state and across the country. Natural hazard threats, however, are a growing reality for everyone working, living, or visiting these dynamic shoreline areas.

What we do

We work to enhance Washington’s resilience to natural hazards in coastal and shoreline areas. We pursue this mission through core activities that avoid or minimize the impacts that natural hazards can have on communities and natural resources:

Resilience initiatives

​Natural hazards are having adverse effects on communities and resources and climate change will only intensify these hazard conditions. Communities also face the potential threat of a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.
In this context, resilience is a community's ability to thrive in the present, adapt to hazard challenges, and transform as necessary to meet future threats and opportunities.
Enhancing resilience to natural hazards is complex, wide-ranging, and requires action on multiple levels. We collaborate with communities, local and tribal governments, and other state and federal agencies to leverage the information and resources needed to take action.

State-wide planning Community action Coordination and collaboration Project support Training and Education

When disaster strikes

Our agency does not generally respond to emergencies during natural disasters. We work with communities after an emergency and have resources for recovery support.

Emergency information

In Washington, county governments are responsible for leading the response to incidents. For the latest news and information on how to get assistance during an emergency, please contact the State Emergency Management Division or contact your local emergency management office.

If you are in a disaster and believe life or public safety is threatened: Call 9-1-1

Hire a WCC crew for recovery support

Our Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) is an AmeriCorps program that provides assistance to communities during and after a disaster. When requested, WCC services are provided on a cost-share basis for partner organizations, agencies, and tribes. Local jurisdictions can also seek emergency grant funding for flood-related assistance through our Flood Control Assistance Account Program — including funding for WCC disaster response and recovery services.

Learn more about hiring a WCC crew for disaster response.