Eatonville SMP: Periodic Review

On Nov. 22, 2022, we provided Eatonville with required and recommended changes to the town’s proposed periodic review of their Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

Public meetings addressing the topic were held with the Planning Commission and Town Council. The town held a public hearing Sept. 3, 2019. No individuals or organizations submitted comments to the town on the proposed amendment.

We held a public comment period on Eatonville’s proposed periodic review to their SMP. The state comment period was from Dec. 6, 2021, to Jan. 8, 2022.

We used email to notify those who had expressed prior interest. We also issued a news release to encourage public participation and comment. No comments were submitted on the proposed amendment.

The periodic review will bring the existing SMP into compliance with changes to state law, ensure consistency with the town's Comprehensive Plan and development regulations, and reflect changes in circumstances, new information, and improved data. The required and recommended changes have been sent to the town for their review and response. The town may agree to these changes or offer alternative language. Our final approval will occur when we and the town agree on language that meets state requirements.

Eatonville last updated their SMP in July 2015. The key changes Eatonville is proposing include:

  • Revise definitions for development, substantial development, floodway, and wetlands.
  • Update critical areas regulations, including:
    • Modify the Town’s critical areas ordinance incorporation.
    • Add reference to the federal wetland delineation manual and to Ecology’s 2014 Wetland’s Rating System.
  • Update internal references to EMC 15.24 floodplain regulations.
  • Remove exemption for forest practices reference, and relocate it to another section.
  • Revise Chapter 7, Administrative Provisions, including:
    • Update monetary threshold values for substantial developments.
    • Add new exemptions for construction of a noncommerical dock.
    • Add a new exemption addressing the retrofitting of existing structures for compliance with the ADA.
    • Add a requirement for return receipt mail when filing permits with Ecology.
    • Add a provision defining date of filing.

Documents for public review