Shoreline planners toolbox

This toolbox is designed for local and state shoreline planners responsible for developing and administering Shoreline Master Programs. Users will find links to our webpages, publications, and guidance to help with:

  • Permitting
  • Resolving shoreline management issues
  • Developing and updating Shoreline Master Programs
  • Researching laws and rules
  • Shoreline Planning Grant opportunities

If you don't find what you need, please contact the regional planner serving your city or county government.

Administration of Shoreline Master Programs

Shoreline permit filing

You can email your shoreline permit to for any shoreline substantial development, conditional use, and variances. While we still accept mailed submittals, we prefer email.

Make sure your email contains a complete submittal following the requirements of WAC 173-27-130 and WAC 173-27-180.

Note: We will email you confirmation within five days. If you do not receive an emailed confirmation letter for a shoreline substantial development permit submittal within five days, contact your shoreline permit reviewer. For conditional use permits and variances, we try to finish our review and decision making process within 30 days of your submittal.


We have awarded funds to local jurisdictions for 24 projects under the Shoreline Planning Competitive Grant Program. Projects are focused on shoreline planning and planning-related efforts that advance climate resilience, improve the implementation of shoreline master programs, or support local shoreline planning priorities. 

Funding information

  • There was approximately $3 million available for funding
  • Each grant award limit was $250,000
  • No matching funds were required
  • Grant applications were accepted from July 5 through Aug. 17, 2023
  • Grants awarded started Oct. 2, 2023, and end June 30, 2025

More information 

Visit our Shoreline planning competitive grants page for more information.The 2023-2025 Shoreline Planning Competitive grant is administered through Ecology's Administration of Grants and Loans (EAGL) system.

We previously offered two separate shoreline planning grant programs. One was a non-competitive formula grant, offered to local governments to supplement the fund requirements for completing their statutorily required SMP periodic reviews. This funding program will be offered in the future when SMP periodic reviews are required again. The other was a pilot competitive grant program intended to provide more flexible funding to local governments for locally driven, priority shoreline planning efforts.