Shoreline Master Programs

Shoreline Master Programs (SMPs) are local land-use policies and regulations that guide use of Washington shorelines. SMPs apply to both public and private uses for Washington's more than 28,000 miles of lake, stream, and marine shorelines. They protect natural resources for future generations, provide for public access to public waters and shores, and plan for water-dependent uses.

We review and approve SMPs for local governments and provide guidance and technical assistance to help governments develop their SMPs. We work with local governments to help create and update these SMPs to ensure they comply with the state Shoreline Management Act and state Shoreline Master Program Guidelines. More than 260 cities and counties have SMPs. They are a valuable tool for the management of these important areas.

Managing the use and development of state shorelines is crucial. It helps preserve what people in Washington value while protecting life and property. 

SMPs by town, city, or county

Comment on proposed changes to your local SMP or contact our regional planner assigned to your area.

Shoreline Management Act

State law guides our planning regarding access to, using, and protecting the state's freshwater and coastal shorelines.

Shoreline permits & enforcement

We provide details about shoreline permits and enforcement regulations for local governments and citizens.

SMP handbook

Our guidance for local governments helps our city and county partners interpret state laws and rules, and helps them update and keep their SMPs current.