Air emissions inventory

An air emissions inventory is an itemized list of the amount of air pollution (criteria, precursor, and hazardous air pollutants) from various sources. We calculate an air emissions inventory using EPA models, published emission factors, and other available information (such as population, permitted facilities, registered vehicles, and road activity). Greenhouse gases are included in a separate inventory.

OPTION 1: Pollutants in the emissions inventory:

OPTION 2: Pollutants in the emissions inventory:

Emissions inventory data is used for:

  • Air quality modeling
  • Air quality planning
  • Rulemaking
  • Public information
  • Pollution source fee updates
  • EPA reporting requirements

An emissions inventory is not based on air quality monitoring data used to enforce national air quality standards.

A point source emissions inventory is a database of individual inventories from commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities (government buildings, hospitals, prisons, schools). These businesses have an air operating permit that requires yearly reporting of their criteria and hazardous pollutant emissions. For information about individual facilities, contact us or the local clean air agency in the county where the facility is located.

A comprehensive emissions inventory estimates criteria pollutant emissions from all sources:  transportation (vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft), wood stoves, outdoor and agricultural burning, wildfires, dust, and point sources.  We publish this report every three years.

A Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) increment-modeling emissions inventory estimates the increased amount of air pollution an area is allowed. This prevents air quality in clean areas from getting much worse. A PSD increment-modeling emissions inventory includes:

Large Sources of Air Pollution

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