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What do you do when the polluter is a mountain?
For decades, a slow-moving landslide has been exposing the side of Sumas Mountain. The landslide material contains naturally-occurring asbestos and heavy metals — and it all ends up in Swift Creek.
Protecting Puget Sound’s No Discharge Zone

We are continuing to implement the NDZ to protect Puget Sound while the court case proceeds. 

Floodplain redesign delivers downstream benefits for all
This deliberate logjam is one piece of a plan to restore a functional floodplain along a three mile stretch of the North Fork Touchet River in Southeast Washington.
Ecology adopts rule to strengthen railroads’ oil spill response efforts

Ecology has adopted a new rule to strengthen railroads’ oil spill response efforts.

Let it snow!

More than half of the state's water supply starts out as snowpack, which is why it's important to keep an eye on it—not just for ski conditions, but as part of drought monitoring.

Brighten your holiday season with the northern opalescent nudibranch
This month’s aquatic critter looks like a luminous holiday spirit carrying dozens of flickering candles. Definitely don’t try this at home, no matter how festive the effect might be!
We can't effectively regulate Hanford cleanup without access to key information from U.S. Department of Energy

We've issued a Director's Determination, giving the U.S. Department of Energy 30 days to meet our information requirements.

Boots on the Ground: Salmon carcasses make a splash in Chiwawa River

AmeriCorps member Kevin Wooldridge reflects on his first WCC project: adding salmon carcasses into the Chiwawa River along with his crew!

Updating fresh water rules to protect salmon spawning

We are starting conversations about rule changes to help salmon spawning habitat. 

Eyes Over Puget Sound: Conditions still favorable for fish growth
During our monthly flight in October, we saw plumes of river water starting to flow into Puget Sound.

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