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Report a spill of oil or hazardous materials

All oil and hazardous materials spills cause environmental damage. The sooner a spill is reported, the quicker it can be addressed, resulting in less harm.

If you cause a spill to water or land, report it according to the appropriate reporting requirements.

Spills to water

Spills of oil or hazardous materials to water must be reported immediately to help reduce impacts to the environment.

If you see a spill in water, report it by calling 1-800-OILS-911 (Department of Emergency Management 24/7). During regular business hours, you can also call the appropriate Ecology regional office.

Other kinds of spills

If you see spills to land or air, you can report those using the same number, 1-800-OILS-911.

Report a spill you're responsible for

If you caused a spill or are responsible for cleaning it up, you have additional reporting requirements.