Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture Advisory Group

We established the Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture Advisory Group to advise us on the identification and implementation of practices that support healthy farms and help farmers to meet clean water standards. The guidance resulting from this process will be a technical resource to help the agricultural community implement practices in a way that insures protection of water quality.

The advisory group

We reached out to a wide range of stakeholders to find qualified candidates to be a part of the 
advisory group. Members include representatives from the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), conservation districts, Washington State Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington State University, agriculture producer groups, environmental groups, the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Conservation Commission, and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.

Advisory Group members will guide the development of the guidance, provide review and feedback, and have an opportunity to contribute to the guidance’s ultimate success.

More information on the how we will approach developing the guidance can be found in the Process Design document.