Information for water conservancy board members

Water conservancy board members may use this page to access information, guidance, and tools related to board training, operations, and processes.

All board commissioners and alternates must complete 32 hours of training from us before they are eligible to take part in board actions. To maintain eligibility, board members must also complete 8 hours of continuing education each following year.

Board meetings to process water right change applications are open to the public, and a quorum must be present (two eligible members for a three-person board, or three eligible members for a five-person board).

We track the eligibility of each board member and the ability of each board to form a quorum. You may use the following table, which is updated monthly, to track:

  • Your training requirements and eligibility to take part in board actions
  • When your current term expires
  • If your board is able to form a quorum

See the board tracking and board member eligibility table.