Mercury is found in a variety of products and industries. We regulate mercury as a dangerous waste. If your business has mercury dangerous waste, you must manage it properly and protect your workers.

Manage waste containing mercury

Mercury is common in:

Recycle all liquid (elemental) mercury

If you have liquid mercury, recycle it.

  • Never rinse it down the drain.
  • Never dispose of it in the trash.
  • Never dispose of it in the sharps container or as medical waste.

How to handle mercury spills

If you have a mercury spill:

  • Never clean it up with a vacuum.
  • Never clean it up with a broom.
  • Never pour it down the drain.
  • Never get it on your shoes.

Learn what to do:

How is Ecology working to reduce mercury in the environment?

We work with several partners, including the Washington State Department of Health, to reduce the level of mercury in our environment. Mercury is just one of the chemicals we are addressing as a priority toxic chemical