Mercury waste

Mercury is found in a wide variety of products. If your business works with mercury-containing products, they must be handled properly as dangerous waste to protect your workers and the environment.

Want to recycle mercury thermostats? Visit the Thermostat Recycling Corporation.

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Not a business?

If you are a household or individual looking for ways to recycle your household items, please go to 1-800-RECYCLE.

Common mercury-containing products

How to handle liquid mercury

If you have liquid (elemental) mercury:

  • Never rinse it down the drain.
  • Never dispose of it in the trash.
  • Never dispose of it in the sharps container or as medical waste.
  • Recycle it!

How to clean up mercury spills

Learn what to do if a mercury thermometer breaks or if a mercury light bulb (CFL) breaks.

If you have a mercury spill:

  • Never clean it up with a vacuum.
  • Never clean it up with a broom.
  • Never pour it down the drain.
  • Never get it on your shoes.