Recycling credits

Recycling credits refers to the percentage of recurrent waste that is recycled by an off-site hazardous waste service provider. They are helpful because they can reduce the amount of waste we factor into determining if your business must:

  • Prepare a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan.
  • Pay a Hazardous Waste Planning Fee.

Businesses are responsible for:

  • Requesting documentation from their service provider that confirms their recycling credits.
  • Reporting recycling credits on their Dangerous Waste Annual Report.

Who can qualify for recycling credits?

Generators qualify for recycling credits if they:

  • Generate 2,640 pounds or more of recurrent waste.
  • Send all or part of their waste off-site to a waste service provider for recycling.

How do you claim recycling credits?

Contact your hazardous waste service provider for this information and to request documentation.

Ask your service provider:

  • What percentage of your waste stream was recycled.
  • If they used a qualifying management method code.
  • To provide documentation (see below).

​What is a qualifying management method code?

If your service provider used one of these management method codes, you can claim recycling credits. If they used H010 or H020, you are required to report a percentage.

  • H010 (required to report a percentage): Metals recovery, including retorting, smelting, chemical, etc.
  • H020 (required to report a percentage): Solvents recovery
  • H039: Other recovery or reclamation for reuse including acid regeneration, organics recovery, etc.
  • H141: Stored, bulked, and transferred the waste with no treatment or recovery (H010-H129), fuel blending (H061), or disposal (H131-H135) at that receiving site.

What documentation do you need?

To verify your recycling credits, you must have documentation from your waste service provider that:

  • Identifies the waste stream recycled (by waste description and waste form).
  • Lists a qualifying management method code.
  • Lists the percentage recycled during the reporting year.
  • Has a signature from an authorized representative of the waste service provider with the date the documentation was provided to you.

Do you need to report recycling credits?

Yes. Recycling credits are entered in Section B3 of the Generation and Management (GM) Form of the Dangerous Waste Annual Report.