Tier Two data summary

Tier Two data is critical to the SERC and local agencies. The data is used to prepare for emergencies, disaster planning, counter-terrorism planning, and emergency responses to incidents at or near reporting facilities.

Approximately 4,814 facilities in Washington reported storage of one or more hazardous chemicals at or above reportable thresholds during 2016. Each year the number of reporting facilities changes because some businesses reduce the quantities of products they store and are no longer required to report, while other new businesses begin reporting.

Frequently reported substances in 2016

Type of Substance Chemical Times Reported
Extremely Hazardous Sulfuric Acid 1324
Hazardous Diesel Fuel No. 2 1182
Hazardous Gasoline 703
Hazardous Propane 501
Hazardous Lead 469
Extremely Hazardous Anhydrous Ammonia 303
Hazardous Diesel 203
Extremely Hazardous Battery Acid 163
Extremely Hazardous Lead Acid Battery 160
Extremely Hazardous Battery Electrolyte 157