Bothell area cleanup


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In 2006, the City of Bothell embarked on an ambitious plan to transform its downtown area. A big part of that plan is cleaning up soil and groundwater contamination left behind by gas stations, vehicle maintenance facilities, and dry cleaners over the past 100 years. 

We’re working with the city to prioritize and provide funding for six sites we oversee in the historic downtown area. We also oversee 14 more sites in the broader area, and provide technical help for 10 others through our Voluntary Cleanup Program.

The Bothell Cleanup and Revitalization fact sheet summarizes the status of each site as of 2021.

Grant-funded cleanups

The City of Bothell aims to create a pedestrian-friendly, clean, green downtown area that serves as a gateway to the Bothell area. However, historical business and industry in the area left contamination that could pose risks to people’s health and the health of the nearby Sammamish River. Cleanup was needed to protect the public and environment from contamination before properties could be redeveloped.

The city applied for and received Ecology Oversight Remedial Action Grants for six sites in the historic downtown area to clean up some of the area's contaminated sites. 

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Other cleanups in downtown Bothell

We oversee 14 more sites in the area that have not receieved grant funding. Ten other sites are being cleaned up independently by property owners, with technical help provided through our Voluntary Cleanup Program. These property cleanups protect human health and the environment, but they also enhance economic growth and make properties more marketable.