Boeing Auburn cleanup site

We oversee the cleanup process that Boeing conducts at its Auburn facility at 700 15th St. SW. Contamination of soil and groundwater at the site extends more than a mile north and northwest of Boeing’s property.

Response to public comments available

You can view our response to your comments on the corrective action permit and public participation plan.

Boeing has operated under a corrective action permit since 2006. This permit allows them to clean up contamination at the Auburn facility at 700 15th St. SW. As a matter of procedure, the permit needed to be reissued — this was not due to any new contamination at the site.

We held a public comment period from July 19 - Sept. 7, 2018. You can read the final Agreed Order (legal agreement), the permit and the public participation plan.

Next steps

Boeing is drafting a feasibility study to evaluate cleanup methods for the contamination on and off of the property. We will hold a public comment period for the feasibility study later this year. Sign up on our listserv to receive notification.

Site background

Boeing historically treated, stored, and disposed of hazardous waste at its Auburn facility. Contamination on the property varies by location, but it includes traces of metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and solvent chemicals.

Boeing must further evaluate four of the 31 areas on their property.
Chemicals released may include low levels of petroleum hydrocarbons, cyanide, and metals (such as cadmium and copper).

Surface water Groundwater Air quality

Frequently asked questions

What is the problem? When did the contamination occur? Why is the cleanup taking so long? Is there any work being done to clean up the contamination? Is the drinking water safe? Can I eat fruits and vegetables from my garden? Is the sheen or discoloration in ditches related to this contamination?