Water supply

We manage the state's water supply to meet the needs of people and the natural environment, in partnership with Washington communities. Water availability is increasingly limited in Washington. We are committed to meeting current water needs and ensuring water availability for the future.

Water availability

We study and regulate water resources by watershed. Find yours and see water availability.

Streamflow restoration

Our new water management law helps protect rivers and streams while providing water for rural areas.

Water rights

A water right is the legal authorization to use a quantity of water for beneficial uses.


We provide well information and regulatory guidance for property owners and well drillers.

Water supply projects in Eastern Washington

Our water supply and enhancement projects are providing water security in Eastern Washington.


We regulate more than 1,100 dams in Washington.

Protecting stream flows

An instream flow is a water right for the stream and the resources that depend on it.

Water recovery solutions

As water for new uses becomes harder to find, we look for innovative solutions to meet future needs.