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Stream team volunteers making a difference in the Chehalis River Basin
Our Lewis County Stream Team partners are engaged in volunteer projects that help restore aquatic habitat and reduce damage from floods in the Chehalis River Basin.
Native American Heritage Month
Sharing stories about our work and the people who carry it out builds connections within our agency and the communities we serve. Our staff share their stories for Native American Heritage Month. 
We've seen fire, and we've seen rain...
Goodbye summer smoke — hello cozy winter

A review of the 2022 summer wildfire smoke season and everything you need to know for winter wood stove smoke season.
Fecal Matters: Health risks after heavy rainfall
Beachgoers need to be aware of the potential health risks associated with large rains and take precaution when visiting a beach.
Reducing flood risks in our communities
Modern flood management strives to restore a floodplain’s natural flood capacity, protecting lives and homes while also benefiting fish and wildlife. Several state and federal grant programs can help.
Meaningful Momentum: CCA Updates for September and October 2022
Find out what's going on in the Air Quality Program as we work to build and implement Washington's new cap-and-invest program!
Construction underway at Swift Creek
Whatcom County Public Works is constructing sediment traps to remove asbestos from Swift Creek.
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Coastal Zone Management Act
This month marks the 50th anniversary of the federal Coastal Zone Management Act.
The endless benefits of product transparency
You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. in toxicology to buy your products. That’s where product transparency and its seemingly endless benefits come in.
If the spirit moves (mud): The burrowing ghost shrimp
Fall’s chill is in the air and decorations are going up all over town. Meanwhile, under the mud of Puget Sound, there’s a critter that stays in its costume all year long – the burrowing ghost shrimp.

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