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Chehalis Basin Board approves $70 million spending plan
Chehalis Basin Board unanimously approves $70 million two-year spending plan to reduce flood damage, restore aquatic species habitat in the Chehalis River basin.
Helping your community help small businesses
Businesses in Washington are often befuddled by all the hazardous waste requirements they face, but our Pollution Prevention Assistance program is here to help.
Join us for our third Let's Talk About Hanford
Tune in 5:30 p.m. Aug. 25 on Facebook or WebEx for Let's Talk About Hanford: Salmon, Stugeon, and more.
Wastewater treatment plant operators protect water during pandemic
126 wastewater treatment plants, nearly 40% of Washington’s treatment systems, earned the top-performing status this year.
Tackling Toxics: Helping Joint Base Lewis-McChord replace toxic receipt paper
Ecology worked closely with Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) to reduce its use of toxic receipt paper. So far, the base has reduced phenol use on base by 460 pounds per year.
Fecal Matters: Richey Viewpoint is now open for water recreation, King County
Public Health Seattle and King County has opened Richey Viewpoint for water recreation.
The gaper clams live in the shadows of giants
Nothing says “summer” like digging for clams in Puget Sound, but finding a gaper clam often brings disappointment. Geoduck hunters, don’t despair — the humble gaper is a treasure in its own right.
Grant applications being accepted for flood-hazard planning
We're providing $1.5 million in funding to help communities develop plans to prepare for and reduce flood risks.
Replacing toxic products with safer alternatives
The majority of chemicals that seep into peoples' bodies and the environment come from the products we use every day, which is why Ecology created the Product Replacement Program.
Fecal Matters: Mukilteo Lighthouse Park and Des Moines Beach Park are now open for water recreation, Snohomish and King Counties
Mukilteo Lighthouse Park and Des Moines Beach Park are now open for water recreation.

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