Recreational foam replacement program

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Want to participate? Fill out our survey!

Fill out our survey to let us know you're interested in participating in this program. The survey is not a requirement nor an application to the program. However, if you fill out the survey, we will notify you as soon as applications open.

The recreational foam replacement program provides reimbursement to businesses like schools, gyms, and recreational facilities for replacing foam blocks used in foam pits. These types of foam can contain flame retardants which can have negative impacts on people's health.

What is the purpose of this program?

The first phase of this program will help businesses replace flame-retardant foam blocks used in foam pits, such as those used in:

  • Schools.
  • Gyms.
  • Gymnastics and other recreational facilities.

Will this program expand to include other products?

It's possible this program may expand to include other types of flame-retardant foam products if there's enough demand and we can offer adequate funding. We're collecting information to help us better understand the scale and demand for this program through our survey.

What are the risks of flame-retardant foams?

Exposure to flame retardants in some types of foam can:

  • Cause damage to the brain or nervous system.
  • Have negative impacts to reproductive systems and the thyroid.