Water Supply Availability Committee

The state Water Supply Availability Committee (WSAC) monitors water supply conditions throughout the state to identify possible drought conditions as early as possible. If they determine current or projected water supplies in all or a portion of the state will meet drought conditions, the Executive Water Emergency Committee (EWEC) is convened to review their information and assess whether the reduced water supply will cause undue hardships. They may then recommend that the Governor direct Ecology to declare a drought emergency for the affected area.

Chaired by Ecology, the WSAC consists primarily of representatives from federal agencies involved in monitoring, forecasting, or managing state water supplies. Membership includes representatives from:  

  • Department of Ecology (chair)
  • Office of Washington State Climatologist
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • National Weather Service
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bonneville Power Administration

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