Print free labels

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Businesses that need to label their dangerous waste can print them for free. Click the label you want from the categories below and print from your computer.

You may need to adjust your print settings to make the text large enough to meet label size requirements:

  • Hazard labels must be visible from 25 feet away,
  • The letter size must be at least 0.5 (half) inch tall.

Dangerous waste labels

These labels communicate the risks associated with your waste. More than one risk may apply to the same waste.

Hazardous or non-hazardous

The labels below can be used to identify whether a waste is hazardous or non-hazardous. If you use the hazardous waste label, be sure to apply additional hazard labels or markings.

Other waste labels

We provide a variety of other labels that may apply to more specific waste types or waste labeling situations.

  • Universal waste labels: Batteries, lamps, mercury-containing equipment, and mercury thermostats.
  • Auto waste labels: Used oil, used oil filters, spent antifreeze.
  • Miscellaneous labels
    • Accumulation start date.
    • Satellite accumulation area.
    • Episodic dangerous waste event.
    • Excluded solvent-contaminated wipes.
    • State-only dangerous waste.
    • Empty containers.
    • Used cathode ray tubes.
    • Electronic waste.
    • Waste pending analysis.

Universal waste labels

Auto waste labels

Miscellaneous labels


Labeling systems

Some other labeling systems may be used if they clearly convey the hazard(s) associated with the waste:

Not all of these labels will meet the requirements of the Washington Dangerous Waste Regulations. Contact your regional inspector if you are unsure.