Yakima Railroad Area groundwater performance monitoring

Twice a year, we collect groundwater samples in a six-square-mile industrial area that parallels the railroad corridor in the cities of Yakima and Union Gap where concentrations of tetrachloroethene (PCE) continue to exceed the state Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) cleanup level.

Monitoring groundwater cleanup activities

Yakima Railroad Area study extent

In the 1980s, tetrachloroethene (PCE)-contaminated soil and groundwater was discovered at multiple facilities along the predominantly industrial and commercial corridor known as the Yakima Railroad Area, or YRRA. Cleanup activities have been implemented over the years at several of these source locations.

We monitor YRRA groundwater to evaluate the effectiveness of these cleanup activities at reducing contaminant concentrations. The data may also be used to identify areas of contamination that require further action. Groundwater samples continue to be collected semi-annually to monitor PCE concentrations in the project area.