Dangerous waste reporting requirements

If you use hazardous products or generate dangerous waste, you may be required to:

  • Submit a Notification of Dangerous Waste Activities.
  • Submit a Dangerous Waste Annual Report.
  • Submit a Pollution Prevention (P2) plan.

Notification of dangerous waste activities

Any site that generates regulated quantities of dangerous waste is required to notify us and obtain an EPA/State ID Number. To obtain an EPA/State ID Number, you must submit a Dangerous Waste Site Identification form.

Dangerous Waste Annual Report

All sites that have an active EPA/State ID Number are required to report dangerous waste activities each year. This report is called a Dangerous Waste Annual Report.

Pollution Prevention (P2) plan

Certain businesses that use hazardous products or generate dangerous waste are required to prepare plans for voluntarily reducing these materials. Learn more about Pollution Prevention (P2) plans.