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Paper reporting during COVID-19

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, for those businesses that usually mail paper copies to us, we are offering more ways to submit your documents. Please see our COVID-19 Dangerous Waste Compliance page for more information.

TurboWaste is the electronic reporting system used to submit Dangerous Waste Annual Reports and updated notifications. We have updated the application and process to submit electronically.

New application and process for reporting

How do I log into SAW?

Because TurboWaste is now accessed through SAW, you must have a SAW account. If you have any issues with your SAW account, you will need to contact SAW. We do not have access to your SAW account.

Please note:

  • After two failed password attempts, the account will lock. If this happens, contact SAW.
  • If you have not logged into a SAW account for 24 months, your account will expire.

How do I access TurboWaste?

Once you have access to SAW, you need to register for TurboWaste:

  • Find TurboWaste in the list of Department of Ecology services​.
    • Note: Do not click "I have been given a code." If you received a PIN, do not enter it here. Use it to access your site. See next step
  • Apply and fill out the TurboWaste registration form.

We will review your information. This can take 3-5 business days.

I am a contractor or consultant. How can I gain data entry access?

Follow the same steps above. Once we have reviewed your information, we will grant you access.

How do I access or add my sites?

Once you have access to TurboWaste, you can begin adding your site or sites. 

  • If you have a PIN, enter it here with your EPA/State ID Number.
  • When you log in, all sites you've added will appear at the top of your screen. 

Why do I have to file an ESA?

The ESA adds the level of security that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) CROMERR ( Cross Media Electronic Reporting Rule) requires for electronic submissions. All users that submit reports through TurboWaste must have an ESA on file to meet EPA's electronic submissions criteria.

How do I file an ESA?

If you are an authorized representative for the site, follow these steps to file an ESA:

  • Log into TurboWaste.
  • Complete the Electronic Signature Account setup.
  • Mail the ESA form. We cannot accept photocopies, emailed, or faxed copies.

NOTE: This can take up to 10 days to file. Please plan ahead.

You will receive an email once your ESA form has been processed and approved.