TurboWaste is our electronic reporting system for submitting dangerous waste annual reports and updated notifications.

What's new?

SecureAccess Washington

All dangerous waste reporters need to access TurboWaste using SecureAccess Washington (SAW).  SAW provides access to a growing list of government services while ensuring your privacy.

We are collecting more information starting April 28

We recently adopted the new Generator Improvement Rule on April 28. You may notice some new questions and new forms. We explain each of these questions in the Reporting Guide and in the help links within TurboWaste.

We are here to help — call us if you have questions.

Who has to report?

Facilities that generate or manage dangerous waste may need to have an active EPA/State ID number. All sites with an active EPA/State ID number must:

  • Submit a Dangerous Waste Annual Report by March 1 each year.
  • Submit a revised notification form for updates on:

    • Company name

    • Mailing address

    • Ownership

    • Physical location, if a transporter

    • Type of dangerous waste activity changes

  • Submit a Site ID form with addendums for:

    • Episodic events

    • Large quantity generator consolidation of small quantity generator waste

    • Hazardous Secondary Material (HSM)