Locate contaminated sites

We track over 13,000 contaminated sites across Washington. Use these tools to find and learn about specific sites.

What's in My Neighborhood?

What’s in My Neighborhood is an interactive map tool. Enter an address and find all cleanup sites within a quarter mile to 10-mile radius (as long as they’re in Washington).

The color of the dot marking a site identifies the stage in the cleanup process. Click a dot or the site name in the list that appears when you zoom into an area to get more information about the selected cleanup site, including a link to the cleanup site webpage and documents about the site.

Toxics Cleanup Web Reporting

Web Reporting is a searchable, filterable database. Search All Statewide Cleanup Sites, or look at just Brownfields Sites or Leaking Underground Storage Tanks. Search results from Web Reporting can be saved and shared, or exported as excel, csv, json, or xml files. Web Reporting allows you to export information on multiple sites, and is excellent if you want an overview of all sites within a specific area, or all sites related to a specific contaminant.

Cleanup Site Search

If you know the site address, name, or identification number (cleanup site or facility ID), you can use Cleanup Site Search to find the cleanup site webpage.

Keep updated on cleanup sites

We publish the Site Register every two weeks with updates about cleanups, opportunities for public comment, public meetings, and policy. You can also find public events, open houses, and open comment periods on our Public Input and Events page.