Toxic cleanup sites

Our Toxics Cleanup Program manages or oversees cleanups conducted under the state’s cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). A contaminated site is any site where we have confirmed one or more releases (or threatened release) of a hazardous substance that needs to be cleaned up. Cleanups are also called “remedial actions.”

We’ve identified more than 12,500 confirmed or suspected contaminated sites in Washington. Sites range widely in size and complexity — from gas station spills to abandoned mines leaching chemicals into a river, to landfills leaking methane gas, to a smelter plume depositing contaminants over thousands of acres.

Cleanup actions have a powerful impact on human health, communities, and the environment. They help restore habitat for wildlife, and they provide new opportunities for recreation, spur economic development, and put abandoned properties back into use.

Find out if there is a cleanup site in your area by checking out our What's in My Neighborhood Map. You can also search for sites through our Cleanup Site Search.