Everett Smelter cleanup

Ecology is cleaning up lead and arsenic contamination left behind by the Everett Smelter, in residential and industrial areas of Northeast Everett.

The Everett Smelter was operated by Asarco from 1894-1912, but the contamination wasn't discovered until 1990. Smelter operations left high levels of arsenic and lead on the former smelter property. Contaminated particles from the smokestacks settled over a 1.1 square mile area.

We're more than halfway done

We have now completed cleanup work on more than half of the approximately 700 homes in the uplands area and at American Legion Memorial Park. We have sampled for contamination at all the properties that requested it. For details, see our cleanup progress page.
Map of the Everett Smelter cleanup area, showing the overall site boundary, the uplands and lowlands boundaries, and the footprint of the former smelter facility.

The cleanup site is divided into Uplands (residential) and Lowlands cleanup areas. The two areas are on different cleanup schedules.

From 1999-2007, we managed cleanup of the most highly contaminated areas, including the former smelter property.

In 2009, we received funding through a bankruptcy settlement with Asarco to continue cleanup work.

We have now spent most of the settlement funds on residential cleanups in the uplands area and development of a cleanup plan for the lowlands area. We are seeking additional state funds to continue cleanup.

With the remaining settlement funds, we will complete prioritized phases of lowlands area cleanup.

What’s new?

December 2018

East Marine View Drive cleanup project is almost complete!
All traffic lanes should re-open by mid-month. You’ll still see crews in the area as they wrap up this important project that removed highly-contaminated soil from under the roadway. We’ll be back briefly in the spring for final paving and striping.
Park cleanups will start in the New Year!

  • Wiggums Hollow Park will partially close starting January 2 as cleanup begins.
    • We will close active work zones and nearby areas, including the baseball diamond, southern fields by the basketball court, the basketball courts, the playground, and areas near the restrooms.
    • The skate park and picnic shelter will remain open during normal hours, 6 a.m. to dusk.
    • Check our information sign at the park for schedule updates.
  • Viola Oursler Overlook construction will begin in March 2019.
  • Both parks will reopen late spring 2019.

October 2018

  • NO THROUGH TRAFFIC on East Marine View Drive starting Tuesday, October 23. Crews will begin excavating on the west side of East Marine View Drive at SR 529. This portion of the project is called Phase 1 because it was originally scheduled first. The project is expected to be complete in 6-8 weeks.
  • Lowlands construction project halfway done! Crews have finished excavating on the east side of the intersection (called Phase 2 because it was originally scheduled second).
  • Please drive carefully and follow the construction signs and the directions of traffic control personnel. Thanks for your patience with this important project.
Map of traffic revisions during Phase 1 of Lowlands cleanup project

Lowlands cleanup project – NO through traffic on East Marine View Drive starting Tuesday, October 23

During Phase 1 (scheduled second):

  • No through traffic on East Marine View Drive.
  • No exit from SR 529 North to East Marine View Drive.
  • The only access to SR 529 North will be from southbound East Marine View Drive.
  • The only entry to the Riverside Business Park will be from northbound East Marine View Drive.
  • Exit from the Riverside Business Park will be allowed only to the north or south.
Map of north Everett showing detour routes for Lowlands cleanup project

Please avoid the construction area if you don't need to go there.

  • Use 19th Street and Broadway to bypass the intersection going south.
  • Use 16th Street and Broadway to bypass the intersection going north.
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