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Boise, Wallula

We regulate the air, water, hazardous waste, and composting activities at the Boise White Paper pulp and paper mill in Wallula.

Voluntary Air Pollution Limit

Comment period: April 19 - May 19, 2018

We invite you to comment on proposed Administrative Order 15757, which adds a new Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) air pollution ("emission") limit to a piece of equipment at the Boise Wallula mill called No. 3 Paper Machine. The mill requested that we apply this limit.

In May of this year, the mill:

  • Plans to shut down its bleach plant and stop making bleached paper products.
  • Will only make unbleached products with No. 3 Paper Machine.
  • Will limit the VOC emissions to 1.6 tons/month from this machine. It currently has no limits.
This Order does not allow physical changes ("modifications") to any of the air pollution sources at the mill. Read the proposed order and comment period notice for more information.

As a result of the change in production of unbleached products, there is the potential for  emissions increases of:
  • 22.3 tons of VOCs each year.
  • 2.7 tons of total reduced sulfur (TRS) compounds each year.
  • 0.2 tons of particulate matter each year.
These increases do not account for any reductions in emissions that will result from shutting down the bleach plant.

Facility information

This facility is a kraft pulp and paper mill and corrugated container plant.

  • With around 400 employees, the pulp and paper mill makes about 1,400 tons of bleached paper, fine, coated paper, and corrugated medium each day.
  • The container plant has about 155 employees and makes approximately 5 million square feet of corrugated boxes each day.
  • The mill treats its wastewater and sends it to the Columbia River.

Permit information

Boise White Paper contacts

Company website
Facility phone: 509-547-2411
Location: 13831 US Highway 12, Wallula, Wash.