Air Liquide Hydrogen Plant, Anacortes

We regulate water and hazardous waste activities at the Air Liquide hydrogen plant in Anacortes.

Facility information

This facility produces:

  • About 2.7 billion cubic feet of high purity hydrogen from steam and natural gas each hour.
  • Gaseous oxygen and nitrogen products by distilling atmospheric air.

The Shell Puget Sound oil refinery uses these products in its processes. Air Liquide also sends its wastewater to the refinery for treatment. The refinery then sends the treated wastewater to Fidalgo Bay.

Permit information

The Northwest Clean Air Agency regulates the refinery’s air quality activities. Visit the Northwest Clean Air Agency website or call 800-622-4627 for more information.

Air Liquide Contact

Facility phone: 360-293-6171
Location: 8581 South Texas Road, Anacortes, Wash.